June 18, 2024

Useful Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Inflatable Paddle Boards

It’s crucial to keep your paddle board clean. These paddle boards will eventually become soiled and discoloured, just like any other sporting equipment, despite the fact that they are in direct contact with the water. Care and upkeep are essential since dirt and stains can harm your equipment, costing you extra money to buy a new surfboard.

Priorities aside, inflatable surfboards from https://honu.com.au/ are sturdy and long-lasting. They are robust enough to endure the power of the water as well as any other elements the board may encounter, including colliding with other surfboards.

We have listed a few quick, yet frequently disregarded, techniques to maintain your honu inflatable paddle board in order to keep it looking beautiful and performing well for a long time;

Rinse your surfboard with fresh water after each use to remove any loose debris. Whether you surf in freshwater or not, you should become used to clearing away any loose material right away.

Be cautious of your surroundings because inflatable stand-up paddleboards are strong and stable. However, always keep in mind that your board will be damaged the most by sharp items. Your surfboard might be damaged by even a small rock. Therefore, be careful where you set up your inflated board.

Once the board has been set up in a secure location, fill a bucket with water and add some cleaning solution. You can substitute an excellent SUP cleanser for the household cleaning solution if you have one. Directly apply the cleaning agent to the stained areas, then use a soft cloth to remove the filth. Take your time cleaning the remaining portions of the board after you have covered the obvious spots.

Remove soap or soap residue by rinsing with fresh, clean water after using soap or soap cleanser. A hose pipe is recommended at this point because it will make getting rid of the soap easier and faster.

Dry your Honu paddle boards by using a soft towel after rinsing off the cleaning solution. Make sure the board is totally dry before storing it, especially if you want to do so for an extended period of time. Allow it to air for a few minutes once it has completely dried before storing it.

Deflate and store your paddle board; make an investment in a paddle board bag to keep your surfboard in good shape and working order. Most importantly, make sure you stash the bag away safely. There isn’t a set location for storing the surfboards because every home is unique. But be cautious to keep the surfboard away from hot surfaces and/or sharp edges. Your paddle board is shielded from dings and scrapes by proper storage. It’s that easy!

Finally, keep in mind that they are merely suggestions for appropriate upkeep. Your SUP paddle board will eventually wear out, at which point it will be time to get a new one. But before that time arrives, abide by the aforementioned recommendations to keep the paddle board in perfect condition for longer while also preserving its value for a very long time.