May 28, 2024

An advertising sign like signs in Staffordshire for example is an external communication medium that allows companies to make themselves known and promote their products or services. It can take different shapes, colors, and materials of your choice. This characterizes the facade of a shop, an office, a head office, a business premises, or any structure linked to a professional activity.

The choice of the commercial sign is vast, however, as there are different types of supports, depending on the material used, size, shape, etc. You can choose a structure in wood, metal, PVC, fabric, glass, and more. You can also choose a lighted or non-lighted version.

Signs can be installed in different ways: outdoors on the wall of a building, indoors on a window or a counter, or suspended from the ceiling, and it is important to think carefully about the layout of your sign so that it is visible and readable by passers-by. The color and shape of your sign should also be consistent with your brand image.

Why Create An Advertising Sign?

Creating an advertising sign is essential for any company to stand out and attract potential customers. Indeed, it has several functions:

– It identifies the store, company, or place of service in question.

– It provides information on the activity and contact details of the company.

– It can convey a promotional and commercial message.

– It contributes to the company’s visual identity.

Advertising signs are, therefore, essential for any company wishing to develop and attract new customers.

Can You Create Your Sign?

It is possible to create it yourself by buying the necessary materials (support in wood, metal, PVC, fabric, glass, etc.) and by carrying out the installation yourself, which makes the price more affordable. However, it is recommended to put a little more price and hire a professional to create your project and the installation. Indeed, a professional can advise you on the commercial sign model that will best suit your business and its location. He will also know how to install it correctly to be solid and durable over time.

Choose Colors And Typography

Colors and typography should be consistent with your brand identity. Your sign must therefore reflect the spirit and values ​​of your company. Colors must be chosen with care because they impact the behavior of passers-by and must be by your brand’s graphic charter. The typography must also be legible and in keeping with your image. We also advise hiring a professional graphic designer to help you choose colors and typography.

Choose The Right Materials

There are different materials for advertising signs: wood, metal, PVC, fabric, glass, etc. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to choose the material carefully according to the type of sign you want. For example, if you want a luminous sign, you must choose a transparent material such as glass or PVC. For an embossed sign, wood or metal will be more suitable.