May 28, 2024

Tips For a Successful and Hassle-free Car Shipment to Louisiana 


Louisiana is the state that is famous for Mardi Gras festivities. From the amazing BBQ to the long stretched beautiful bay, and the scenic settings, this place has become one of the many destinations for people, who are planning to relocate to the US. 

Relocating to Louisiana requires handling many things. The same goes for the vehicle shipment too. Any family planning to relocate to Louisiana requires the help of an experienced car shipping service and Ship a Car, Inc. is the best choice in this case. They are based in many localities in the US and can help people to relocate to any place in the US. The interested people can visit their website to know more. 

Car Shipping Options in Louisiana 

Car shipment to or from Louisiana is carried out via various ports in the US. The car shipping companies chose the path that can make their shipment early and also easier. The possible delivery duration of any shipment is decided based on the distance between the two locations, the climatic conditions, the path chosen, and also the delivery requirement of the car owners. 

  • Shipment to New Orleans from Shreveport requires a maximum of 4 days, because of the distance. 
  • New Orleans to Atlanta is the distance that will be covered in the early 4 days. 
  • From Austin to New Orleans, the shipment requires not more than 4 days. 
  • The path from Louisiana to Miami is different as it requires more than 5 days to cover. 
  • Louisiana is reached even from Washington, Nevada, and Portland with a time duration of 4 to 8 days respectively. 

Not all shipping companies chose the same path for the shipment of the merchandise, and hence the time duration that is required to conquer the distance may vary accordingly. However, you can stay assured that your vehicle will reach the destination as safely as possible because of the professionalism of the shipping companies that you have hired. 

Popular Shipping Ports 


The shipping ports that are chosen for the shipment of the vehicles to or from Louisiana include Shreveport, Bossier City, New Orleans, Metairie Terrace, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Metairie, Kenner, and Lake Charles. If you are located nearby to any of these ports, then you can choose the right type of vehicle shipment option accordingly. 

The overall cost for the car shipment to Louisiana are decided based on many factors such as, 

  • The mode of transportation 
  • The time of the year 
  • The climatic conditions 
  • The path that is chosen 
  • The deadline as offered by the vehicle owners 
  • Type of the shipment chosen 
  • Pickup and delivery requirements of the car owners 

The best way to get the right deal for the vehicle shipment to Louisiana is by choosing the mode of transportation that works in both the favor of the owners and the car shipping companies. However, this is possible only when both parties openly discuss everything regarding the vehicle shipment, starting from the date of pickup and delivery. 

Not all car shipping companies can offer the best deal for your vehicle shipment. Hence, choose one that works perfectly for your budget and also for your requirements.