May 28, 2024


Composting may appear as a boring enterprise, even to the very people in the industry, but in truth, it is interesting. As there is a lot to learn about composting and the usage of a compost turner. The methods used, food waste, how to solve the problem of food wastage, and equipment used in carrying out composting. Below are interesting facts about composting and its benefits in general terms.

  1. Composting is an ancient process: There is evidence that composting has been around for as long as the Neolithic times that’s 12,000 years. Known as the midden age. That is before the invention of sophisticated compost turner machines.
  2. Composting helps the ground recover from droughts: The addition of a top layer of compost to the ground can help the ground recover from drought. Best way to ensure this is to make your inquiries properly and with high-quality compost that is gotten from composting the health of the ground can be greatly improved.
  3. It is important to also know what you can put in a compost pile: This is true for everyone both backyard and commercial composting either with small and large scale operations, we must adhere to regulations that prevent odors from pestering others. Also, we must be aware that some waste items will ruin compost, which can be a disaster for commercial operations. For example, are you aware that walnut leaves in your compost can be poisonous to other plants? Yes, and that is why you must have adequate knowledge of what is obtainable or not.