May 28, 2024

Toilet Units – An Increasingly Popular Choice For Modern Bathrooms

Toilet Units - An Increasingly Popular Choice For Modern Bathrooms

Everyone wants to hide the cistern element of their toilet unit for a sophisticated and sleek appearance. And this is where toilet units can help. These units come in a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes to complement the design needs of your bathroom.

One of the primary reasons why homeowners prefer installing toilet units in their bathrooms is to hide cisterns and pipes. Even though they are the most important part of your toilet, they are not among the most attractive things to look at. You can hide the plumbing and keep your toilet visible with the help of these units.

In this guide, we’ll guide a brief introduction on the sizing and styling of the toilet units. Read on;

Toilet Units Come In Several Styles

You may be surprised to know that toilet units come in a lot of attractive designs to choose from. White toilet units are popular these days as they create a clean, seamless finish to your toilet. Also, they can easily complement the rest of your toilet’s décor. You can also opt for a toilet unit with a wood effects finish such as walnut or oak. These elegant, classic finishes look traditional and add warmth to the toilet. If you want to give your toilet a modern look, a dark, bold-colored toilet unit is what you can go for.


Toilet units not only come in various styles but in various sizes as well. Typically, they are between 50cm and 70cm wide, about 76 cm to 85cm tall, and can be anywhere between 22cm and 40cm deep. Toilet units generally come in similar sizes, but it is advisable to always measure your toilet’s space first before choosing the toilet unit.

No Building Work Required

One of the biggest benefits of toilet units is that they conceal the cistern without mounting frames in the wall. Some of them come with their own concealed cisterns and buttons. Traditional toilet units, for example, typically have either a choice of a lever-controlled cistern or a small flush button. Contemporary cisterns, on the other hand, have an option for either a large flush plate or a small flush button. This is just similar to the wall-hung concealed cisterns. You can buy your back-to-wall toilet and concealed cistern separately or combined. For a later option, you’ll just need to buy a concealed cistern.

As you can see, toilet units are incredibly versatile and come in a lot of styles and sizes. They are undoubtedly the best ways to give your toilet a modern and sleek look, sometimes with a shelf for accessories such as spare toilet rolls.

Toilet units can conceal the cistern in an attractive way. Coordinated with other bathroom furniture, they can give your bathroom a clean and cohesive design. Today, toilet units are designed in a way to fit both back-to-wall and wall-hung toilets.

So, if you want to give a clean look to your bathroom, get yourself a toilet unit!