April 22, 2024

How To Experience Unbelievable Tranquillity Amid A Bustling City?

After a hectic day, all we want is some hours of peaceful ambience where we can be with ourselves, to rejuvenate ourselves for the next day. Staying in the countryside may be expensive on time, money, and energy. But what if you could get to live close to nature in the heart of the city itself? Condo Ratchadamri (คอน โด ราช ดํา ริ, which is the term in Thai) offers peaceful private life in the heart of Ratchadamri, a close to Lumpini Park.

Let’s look at how you can benefit by opting for a condo in the centre of any city.


  • Fewer maintenance costs when compared with other types of housing.
  • You can access a sauna or swimming pool within your condo site, rather than pay the fees for such an external facility, and spend time to and fro from your house to these facilities.
  • Advanced security features are a prime amenity when it comes to condos.
  • You can access essential commodity stores in a short time.
  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars aren’t far away from these types of locations, saving a lot of your time.
  • Whenever your car is at the service station travelling to your workplace and back isn’t a great deal.
  • You can enjoy complete serenity as you get cut off from the noisy atmosphere of the city, which will keep your stress levels down.
  • Your health levels will show positive signs due to the lower percentage of pollution in the condos. In addition, the plants within the condos help clear the pollutants and keep the air cleaner for a long while.

A few amenities Condo Ratchadamri offers amenities like Swimming Pool, Stream Room, Organic Vegetable Garden and several others.


  • Unpredictable maintenance and repairs may pop up, compelling you to spend on those.
  • You will need to pay the fees for amenities irrespective of whether you are using them.
  • You may have to comply with the rules and regulations laid by the administrative board of the condo complex.
  • Whenever you want to host a party, you might have to notify the number of guests and their information, along with the number of cars and take permission for visitor’s car parking.


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